Adhesive Mount Boards

Dry Mounting artwork keeps it flat and resists any tendency to 'cockling'. Self adhesive mountboards (or 'sticky' boards) allow you to carry out Dry Mounting without investing in any expensive equipment.

Start with a piece of self adhesive board a little larger than the image to be mounted, and peel back a little of the release paper. ON NO ACCOUNT START BY REMOVING ALL THE RELEASE PAPER. Attach the edge of the image gently onto the exposed adhesive and continue to slowly peel back the release paper, smoothing down the image with a soft cloth as you go. The exposed edges of the adhesive board can then be trimmed off, and the image rolled down firmly with a rubber roller. The adhesive gives a strong, pemanent bond, but beware - some photographic papers do not adhere well to any adhesive boards. If in doubt, test with an image that can be scrapped if disaster strkes!
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