Picture Framing Points & Point Guns

Only our most popular Point Guns and points are listed here - contact us if you would like a quote for other types.

The three Fletcher-Terry guns are overwhelmingly popular in professional framing workshops, with the FrameMaster gun being the most widely used. FrameMaster guns can be configured to fire 16mm Framers Points or 8mm Glaziers Points. The gun is factory set for Framers Points, but is easily changed to accept Glaziers Points if required. Some framers feel that Glaziers Points give a neater finish, but backs do need to be cut accurately to size. NB the Fleximaster and MultiMaster guns will only fire genuine Fletcher-Terry points - points from other manufacturers will not fit.

The Inmes guns and points are made in Brazil by a respected company who export framing equipment worldwide. The manual FI-150M and air operated FP-150 guns are both sturdy and reliable They accept most standard 15mm Flexi points, and work well with Semi Rigid points too.

The Alfamacchine Flexible and Semi Rigid points work very well in almost all Flexi Point guns, except for those made by Fletcher-Terry.
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