Glass Cutters

TOYO glass cutters are among the best available, and either of the two cutters shown here would be an excellent choice for a professional framing workshop. Choose the TC17-B if you like the convenience of an oil reservoir in the handle, or TC-20 if you prefer a 'dry' glass cutter. The TC-20 should be dipped in a little glass cutting fluid before each cut. TOYO cutters are very long lasting, but when necessary the heads can be replaced. This offers a useful saving on the cost of a new cutter.

The FRAMECO EASY glass cutter is, as the name suggests, very simple to use. The unique design avoids excess pessure when scoring the glass, and it needs no cutting fluid. Replacement heads are available, although the tungsten carbide wheels are very durable - 60kms of cutting per wheel is claimed. FRAMECO EASY glass cutters are compatible with guide rails from FRAMECO, LOGAN & KEENCUT, or can be used with any suitable straight edge.
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