Mat Cutter/Mount Cutter & Utility Blades

Top quality mountcutter blades shouldn't cost a fortune, and these Sheffield steel blades offer excellent value for money. Whether you use a Keencut, C&H, Logan, Fletcher, MatMaster etc. etc. we have blades to suit your machine. 'Stanley' type utility blades, both heavy duty (1992) and medium duty (1991) are featured here too. Heavy duty utility blades are best for 'Stanley' type trimming knives, and medium duty blades suit the straight cutting head of many mountcutters.

Morso guillotines really do work best with genuine Morso blades. Over the years many companies have offered cheaper alternatives, but genuine Morso blades have no equal. The secret lies in the special Austrian hardened steel, which holds a razor edge far longer than inferior copies. Taking a cheaper option could easily cost you more in the long run!
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