Picture Framing Tape

Sealing the back of a picture frame with adhesive tape leaves a neat finish and, more importantly, keeps out insects and dust particles.

We offer a good selection of frame sealing tapes, all in several widths. In price order (cheapest first) they are:

Brown gummed tape is an old favourite for sealing frames and is still popular, especially on traditional work. It's inexpensive, but application needs a little more care than with self adhesive tapes. Be sure to wet the adhesive thoroughly, or it can lift off. A small paintbrush dipped in a 20/80 PVA and water solution works well and gives a strong bond. Roll size, 200m.

ECO tapes, but being self adhesive, are quick and easy to apply. ECO15 is economical, but some framers like a slightly thicker tape, and prefer ECO25. ECO15 is 60gsm, ECO25 is 70gsm - the choice is yours. Roll size 50m.

Sekissui 504NS is a slightly stiffer brown tape coated with silicone which resists moisture but still sticks to itself, allowing corners to be overlapped. Roll size 50m, 70gsm.

TESA 4309 has a long lasting adhesive and looks good on quality work. Quite expensive, but some framers won't use anything else. Roll size 50m, 84gsm.

SCAPA Black Crepe Tape is another premium quality sealing tape, which is also ideal for shadow boxes. 50m rolls, 62gsm.
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