Glass Cleaning Supplies, Spray & Wipes

Good quality picture glass is washed and dried before it leaves the factory, but usually needs further cleaning before use. This Nilglass cleaner removes any residual grime and produces a sparking finish every time. Use it for cleaning mirrors, windows and monitors too.

Glass cleaners should not be used on plastic products (styrene and acrylic) as they can cause a cloudy effect over time. Use a specialist plastic cleaner such as Pelikan for plastic glazing. It can be used on virtually any plastic surface and resists static build up and fogging. It also actively repels dust particles.

Successful glass cleaning requires suitable wipes, and these TORK (formerly called Mekanic) wipes are both highly absorbent and lint free. Thr use of soft clean wipes is particularly important when cleaning styrene, which scratches very easily.

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