Kraft Backing Boards

Over the past few years many framers have moved away from using MDF as a backing for framed art. The use of Foam Centre Boards is becoming much more widespread, and fluted board products like Art Bak and Corri Cor are increasingly popular.

Our KRAFT BACK boards offer several useful benefits for backing art. They are:

  • Easily cut using a knife, guillotine, wall cutter or mountcutter
  • Clean to handle, with very little dust
  • Free from formaldehyde
  • More rigid than fluted boards
  • Lighter than MDF

KRAFT BACK 1 is fine for lower value artwork; use a conservation grade barrier card behind the art on more valuble items, or use KRAFT BACK 2, which has an acid-free inner liner.

KRAFT BACK 3 enables you to mount and frame an image without using a separate backing.
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