Picture Hanging Cord & Wire

Most framed pictures are hung using a picture cord or wire of some kind. As with so many choices in the framing world, there is no right or wrong; you decide which will work best for you.

We offer Picture Cord made from two different fibres, namely polyester and nylon. Both are very strong and neither will be adversely affected by moist conditions. Polyester cord is a little more expensive than nylon, but does not stretch so much under load, which many framers appreciate. Nylon cord is inexpensive, but is perfectly adequate for hanging all but the heaviest pictures.

The back of a framed picture is rarely seen once it has been hung, but it is important that it appears neat and workmanlike. Brass Picture Wire helps with this, and gives a  traditional, quality feel to the finished picture. Brass wire is a little more expensive than picture cord, and breaking strains (surprisingly) are lower. Tying wire needs a little care, and can can be hard on the fingers!

Our Soft Stainless Wire doesn't have the same 'traditional' appeal as brass wire, but is easier to handle, especially when tying. It's totally resistant to corrosion, and plastic coated for ease of use.
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