Permanent Self Adhesive Mountboard

£ 6.20 each
Muliple sheets

This self adhesive mountboard is made in the UK and  offers excellent value, comparing favourably with leading brands. The board itself is 'Display Board' - a grey core covered on both sides with smooth white clay coated paper. One side also has an agressive, permanent adhesive, covered by a yellow release paper. Items mounted on repositional adhesive boards can sometimes fail to stay properly stuck down - with this product, you can be assured that items do stay firmly in place.

Not suitable for use with some photographic papers

Sheet size (larger than some) 1200 x 815 x 1.4mm.

Please note that a minimum order of 10 sheets applies to all Mountboard Products, as smaller amounts cannot be shipped safely. The 10 sheets can be any mix of your choice.
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