Mountcutter Blades Xtra Life , 0.012" SE x 100

£ 23.50 each
multi packs

EXTRA LONG LIFE  mountcutting blades precision made from 1.25% carbon steel. Each blade has a very hard coating of Titanium Nitride, which keeps its edge for around 3 times longer than a standard blade. Size 45 x 19.5 x 0.32mm. These fit many mountcutters, inclding KEENCUT, C&H, FLETCHER, KEETON, RAPIER, CARITHERS, ART MAC, SIGNATURE etc.

These are SINGLE EDGE blades, ground on one side only. These can sometimes help when 'hooking' is a problem in older machines, and when cutting thicker boards. SINGLE EDGE blades can only be used on one end. 100 blades per box.
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