Mountcutter Blades Xtra Life, 0.012" N x 100

£ 28.60 each
multi packs

EXTRA LONG LIFE  mountcutting blades precision made from 1.25% carbon steel. Each blade has a very hard coating of Titanium Nitride, which keeps its edge for around 3 times longer than a standard blade. Size 45 x 19.5 x 0.32mm. These fit many mountcutters, inclding KEENCUT, C&H, FLETCHER, KEETON, RAPIER, CARITHERS, ART MAC, SIGNATURE etc.

These are NORMAL blades, ground on both sides, which allows you to reverse the blade and use the other end when it becomes blunt. If you are experiencing problems with 'hooking', consider using SINGLE EDGE blades. These sometimes work better in older machines, and when cutting thicker boards. SINGLE EDGE blades can only be used on one end. 100 blades per box.
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