DALER White Core 1.4mm in packs of 5 sheets

£ 52.00 each
Muliple sheets

This range of White Core mountboards is made in Wareham by Daler Rowney, who can trace their roots back to the 1700's. As you would expect from a long established manufacturer, quality is excellent; the cores are free of lignin and bevels start white and stay white.

This listing includes any boards from the Daler White Core and Murano White Core ranges in full packs of 5 boards. Mix any colours for the quantity discount in multiples of 5 - just email us with your choice. 

We have colour selectors which we are happy to send out free of charge - please just ask!

Please make sure that the mountboard part of your order is for at least 10 sheets in total. Smaller quantities are very prone to damage in transit!
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